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MachZero 33C Universal High Performance Throttle / Shift Cables- 25ft

MachZero 33C Universal High Performance Throttle / Shift Cables- 25ft

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MachZero 33C Universal High Performance Throttle / Shift Cables

Length: 25 ft

The MachZero 33C High Performance Throttle/Shift cables are for use with inboard, sterndrive and outboard engines. These cables are great for the Donzi Classics, ZF, ZX, ZR, LXC, Ragazza and more. Featuring stranded wire core with lubricated extrusions and solid stainless steel output fittings, The MachZero cables are an ideal solution for long cable runs and tight bends where precise throttle response is required. The blue color jacket was designed for high-performance applications and resists abrasion, UV and chemicals.

The MachZero series cables deliver unmatched results and were specifically designed to make the most complex cable installations easier with smooth and precise shift and throttle movements. Using a stranded wire core with lubricated extrusion, the MachZero cables are an ideal solution for long 

The “high performance” MACH™ Cables are the result of decades of experience in producing high quality, long lasting, flexible cables.

The innovative core design maximizes efficiency and minimizes lost motion, while the exclusive design of the conduit provides extremely high level of flexibility.


  • Suitable for outboard, inboard, and sterndrive engines
  • High efficiency for smooth operation
  • High flexibility for reduced bend radius
  • Ideal for long complex cable routing
  • Maintenance free
  • Stainless steel cables end fittings
  • Blue outer jacket resists against abrasion, UV and chemicals

Finding Your Cable Length

To find the correct length of your current throttle/ shift cables, please check the end of the cable for a printed length. Usually these lengths are both printed on the throttle & engine attachment points.

If a printed length is not available, take a measuring tape measuring from your throttles to the engine(s) following the same route that your cables would take for the best estimated length.

Keep in mind, these will usually drop down from your console, under the floor and follow back with potential bends depending on where your rigging tubes sit to your engine(s).

It is always better to be a bit over in length than under. However, large amounts of overage in cable will make it more difficult to install.

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