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Donzi OEM Acrylic Polish Kit

Donzi OEM Acrylic Polish Kit

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Donzi OEM Acrylic Polish Kit

Tested and proven on Donzi windshields, this Acrylic Polish Kit cleans and removes scratches instead of filling them. Great for cleaning and restoring windshields, hatches or any other acrylic piece on your Donzi. Contains no abrasives or harsh chemicals and leaves a smooth, clean greaseless shine. A small amount goes a long way.


Acrylic Clean & Shine (Anti-fog, Anti-Static, and Dust Repellant)
Fine Scratch Remover (Restores original appearance)
Heavy Scratch Remover (Prepares surfaces for #2 Polishing)

As an add on to windshield orders, this item is not eligible for returns.

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