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Donzi OEM Classic / ZX BLACK 13" Steering Wheel

Donzi OEM Classic / ZX BLACK 13" Steering Wheel

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Donzi Classic / ZX Black 13" Steering Wheel

Fresh from the factory and now available! Previously out of production, we recently commissioned this order of our black OEM Classic/ZX steering wheels. Perfect for Donzi owners hoping to keep the original look of their stitched, white vinyl-wrapped factory wheels. Your choice of Donzi logo. Hub is included for quick installation on any Donzi model.

ONE In stock, typically ships next day. 

Installation Instructions

All Donzi Steering Wheels offered on this site will fit any Donzi model as all of our wheels come with the correct hub.

Please do not use the screw hole pattern on your boat's steering wheel as a frame of reference. These screws are just used to attach the wheel to the hub, and all of our wheels come with hub attached.

To install:

1. Remove your center cap

2. Unscrew the nut on your steering shaft

3. Slide off your wheel

4. Slide on your new Donzi wheel

5. Replace the steering shaft nut

6. Pop in your new center cap.

You're good to go!

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